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Friday, September 23, 2011


Meeeeee    :)
送上私人照片一张 :D  
看,我不懂说了什么令她……  *惊*

这张感觉很像the smurf -,-
我!最出众!! 大家各有各谈 =.=
是魔术蜡烛,吹不息 =.=

大家然后都在那小小咖啡厅为她送上生日歌 *感动*

来张全体照 :)
献上我们的初吻  :-*


Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival - 中秋节

Good day to the boys & girls.
Today is a big day !! It's Mid-Autumn Festival. Hmm,what do I did for last year the same day? I guess it's also the family gather around and had a great one. This year would be the same. But clearly remember the pass few years.. The kids bbq & holding lantern walking surround the clinic. By chasing,by escaping the rain.. by running,by talking the story behind... I remember there's a pictures of all of us,guys,do you remember ?

Time flies, it's been few years never catch up with the gang. A warmly question, how r u? Am I still in your mind?  Or it's just a blur picture plus some blur memory? I guess all of them must be nervous for the coming exam. What I can say is just, gambateh !!
Will be a replacement "tanglung" fest with my dearest buddies! We might steamboat plus "lantern". This "lantern" might be different. It needs to be generate by writing !
Yes,you guess it! 孔明灯 in mandarin we call. I never play that before even it just cost few bucks. *is thinking what wishes that I'm going to write the next day*
Today was a gloomy day today. Early in the morning thought going to find King for breakfast,who know I've been lost again. Shit ! Nononono,there's another worst,but *tut~tut* , stick my lips up =X

Well,these days I was thinking alotsa goods to buy.

The very first thing, watch! My baby pink watch spoiled ! So I had to use the fossil these days.. No,I'm gonna abandon it. I need a watch !
Second, a camera is possible. I was amazed by little cucumber's camera. It's Olympus EP-1. But it's costly =.= ... Must "potong leher* one time >.<"  I hope to be join 聚,吃,旅,玩,乐 部落帮 once !! * But I got no talent with that, must find Eric -the PRO II . Other than that, give some suggestion,pls  =3
Third... is under processing.