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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Buns & Meat @ The Lakefield, Sg Besi (6% discount by Eatdrinkkl)

I know there's lot of cafe(s) out there at the Lakefield but I don't use come to this area (I've no car to drive since months ago). Last Wednesday was a special date for memory, 520 (20th May). In mandarin, we call it "I love you". My boyfriend, Alan, wasn't available on this date and yes I should have say that we don't see the special of this day, so we have our own entertainment separately. My gang of friends call me up for a drink, and they suggested to come Buns and Meat for this special night.

Before entering the cafe, I reminded myself the apps name "Eatdrinkkl" which giving 6% off after click to redeem coupon, and fortunately Buns & Meat listed in. You may login via Facebook account / Email, steps to redeem is way too easy. 

Firstly, click in the coupon you would like to purchase (you may also allow location accessibility, then click to the near me option , it will show the places which is entitled for 6% discount). 

Second, check on the discount terms below to check for the minimum spending requirement before purchase.

Lastly, click redeemed it after your meal. Show to the counter before your payment. Make sure you have done the above steps, and don't forget to take a picture of the food/environment you would love to share together with the receipt after discounted. This is to make sure RM0.20 will be channeled to charity every month. (Link:

We really enjoy to dine here with the lovely service and also the blue decoration here but it doesn't drive us blue!
The entrance

The view from our seat

Unfortunately I can't take beer during this period :(
Yummy cakes!!

The bar seating (I believe the owner loves Eiffel Tower as decoration)

hanging on the wall, the mix of green in this blue coffee shop

how I wish there's live band perform my favoruite music on the stage

this could be Alan's favourite!
This is sooo lovely although we've been waiting for not more than 5mins! The cendol cake is unique and tasty, you may give a try

My friend ordered this set of Spicy Korean Burger and taste good. I wish to have their Gourmet Burger too, but I'm on diet!
Buns & Meat served Pork Burger ( their Signature Food ) / Pizza / Hotdogs / Pasta / Dessert and Alcohol as well, it's NON - Halal. It's really a good place to chill and have fun with. They provided props for the birthday Queen / King, and .... we took it to have fun too !

The outdoor view. The beer lovers gather here

End my posts with the menu of Buns & Meat, come here if you love PORK!

Address: 72a Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields Sg Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur,
                57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operation hour: 11am - 12pm (Daily)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

入住十分方便的上海住宿 - 曼哈顿酒店及城隍庙随写

续畅游乌镇篇 -- 我再重复一下,到上海是跟随男朋友拍摄婚纱照,同行的有一对新人和她的妹妹(化妆师)及男友。

从乌镇到上海我们请了包车司机直接到酒店,驾驶了大概两个小时多左右司机竟然走错了,开了GPS但还是一直在高速公路兜兜转转了很久却还是迷路。我们惟有请司机载到靠近的地铁站下站,然后根据地铁导航渠道我们的饭店 (所以请记得拿着地铁地图,真的很方便)


Shanghai Manhatten Business Hotel 上海曼哈顿外滩商务酒店与上海几个景点都非常靠近,外滩(距离200米左右),南京东路步行街,火车站二号和十号线也位于附近,不要忘了沿着银行那条街步行到外白渡桥去(在那儿取景是十分美丽的)等…

而且我要说说他住宿的特点,就是有圆形的床! (当我知道是圆床我就整个很兴奋!我也不解为什么)
Manhattan Business Hotel Shanghai Contact Information:




我们俩小口(讲到很亲密,其实只是形容词)步行到附近南京中路觅食去~ 点了街边的蛋饼,锅贴,水饺,豆奶等才马币20不到,而且味道一级棒,根本就本地找不到!

南京东路10号线 > 豫园 > 新天地 9号从地铁9号线(马当路站)上车



从我排队的位置,望出去的是九曲桥被站霸的图 (中国人口多就是这么一回事)





Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Green Tomato Cafe, Kuala Lumpur (Garden Style Cafe)

I seldom blog in english version but special for this blog post!

The night before visiting to Green Tomato Cafe, Alan had informed me to dress casual for our breakfast on the next morning (the Labour Day) which fall on Friday, and it's a long holiday for us because of Wesak Day ( fall on the following Monday) , so we can well spent our perfect 4 days long holiday with our family and friends.

We set our destination on Waze to make sure we use the right way to skip the massive jam to the Cafe. Frankly speaking, without the apps of "waze", we might couldn't get to the right place within short time frame, Alan and myself would easily got lost in the city of KL. After 20mins drive from Cheras, we reach the exactly location as shown on their website. Tall trees, green gardening with the blossom of flowers, family love...

The time at 12pm in the afternoon

I'm so in love with this ordinary cafe where brought me returning into calm and relax. We both ordered two sets of hearty breakfast and a cup of cappuccino. This is self-service and the ordering is so much convenience with the big picture showing in the iPad provided by the cafe. The reason why both of us ordered the same thing is because of the BIG portion, we are hungry!!

While waiting for our food, I walk around to kill some time. There is Boutique selling batik clothes and Batik Workshop for public to join the fun of drawing & painting. Parent nowadays busy on their job, social network and etc, believe me, try to find some time to bring your children for the fun to create closer connection with them, it worth than a million dollars.

the bonding time

After coloring, you can just rinse your batik on the ground
After 45mins later, our food is finally served. ( I would say the crowd delayed their speed though)
Coffee Art take times perhaps?

This is so much chillax but still salute to the waiter/waitress who still working during the holiday, we expected the bill charge us for double amount when we make payment at the counter, but the price doesn't raise a single sen or extra charge during this day. The lady boss apologize due to the delayed service on this peak hour, but it's fine for us to spend time together and enjoy the morning sunshine.

Last but not least, Green Tomato Cafe sell ice-cream stick too with several flavours, there must be ONE flavour is your favourite. Would definitely pay for second visit to here again!

For more information, kindly visit

Address: Yayasan Seni,333, 
Persiaran Ritchie off Jalan Ritchie, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Oposite Gleneagle hospital, behind Great Eastern building)
Tel: +60123887343
Operation hour: Mon- Sun (8am - 5pm)

Thursday, May 7, 2015





尼泊爾地震賑災行動,您捐款了吗?若没有,您可將支票(抬頭志明:Yayasan Sin Chew)連同捐款表格,郵寄至:Yayasan Sin Chew,19,Jalan Semangat,46200 Petaling Jaya,Selangor.或透过网上捐款如欲透過銀行直接轉賬(Bank Transfer),可把捐款存入PUBLIC BANK,銀行戶頭號碼:3161421224。



您的小小帮助可带来许多,请慷慨解囊 :)