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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

21st Century @ Kajang

Recently went to a good view cafe which something like Langat hill ( Little Genting) we named there.
Up a hill, sit in environment, sweet talk with other, life's like this :D 
This is probably a club house for Mewah houses.

Located @ Kajang, Taman Bukit Mewah

 There's a huge pool aside

The view is just up above Kajang and what you can see is just KAJANG

What I like is,

Specially thanks to you for the inviting 
And thus, I come with my favourite gang. 

Its a good place thought,for shoot ~

Even with my new puppy....
Well, I actually photoSHOP it XD

Till then,
Good luck, readers

Friday, March 23, 2012

I did PORTRAITS on my own

There's so many people did their own portraits down a sunny day, face in colourful make up, with tools or any thing else to bring the good feel comes towards.

I did some portraits on my own. (compact camera I'm so sorry to say)
Without making up, dressing well, but just a simple Tee on my own.

Music is my soul

I can't reveal how music can make someone goes up and down but it does and everyone know it.

Emo when I fell bad.

Cheer whenever you can feel the sunshine

Monday, March 19, 2012


堂嫂,Angie,是来自Pangkor Island,在英国工作期间和堂哥擦出爱的火花。
我没有去到邦戈岛的那次,这个在KL的,肯定不能错过 :D

早上娶新娘一事,还不仅破坏了传统,要求我和姐姐(男家)到新娘(女家)做姐妹 --其因新娘没太多亲戚朋友到步。
弟弟做开车 Ahmad :-)

*竟是把我拍得那么斯文得体哦!真难得 *脸红


Thursday, March 15, 2012

UE Image Studio , my choice

UE Image Studio is.....
Looking for a 160cm height babe for short hair model !! 

My friend, Kelvin Neoh, wants to take part in a hair competition will be held on end of March, at KLCC. If there's a volunteer, don't hesitate to contact : -
Kelvin Neoh

Managing Director
Hp: 017-2011136

Well, before I never thought can meet someone who are so well understand what is actually my hair need. 
Before I meet Kelvin, my head goes....
*Ignore the toy*
Until I met Him, I goes...
YES!! I am so CONFIDENCE on this hairstyle. Short bang, brown chocolate hair dye and layer at the back. 

The same, if you haven't meet the right hairstylist OR if you are living somewhere around Kuchai Lama / Petaling Jaya, don't hesitate to call Kelvin at 017 201 1136

P/s: He is a very Humorous & Lovely person

You may SHOUT OUT LOUD: (Nathelie)'s friend to get a cheaper price on any hairstyle you prefer to, or ask for a recommend hairstyle =)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ok,事实上STPM是与寡人无关 *看太多戏了

虽然SPM成绩没有全A,但他可是GENIUS!你可以常常看到他fb status non-stop地spam……但,他聪明的脑袋却是无可否认的……

就读于SMK Cochrane, 为人风趣幽默。昨日在TV2还上电视新闻呢!多威风!
不知何故,我认识的朋友(就读康乐华校)都得到很棒的成绩哦!*他们的SPM差不多个个都straight A,让我愧疚起来!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hello March!!
Bloggers planned a trip to PD for taking a break and also breaking free for all of us. I was so excited as I tell them I will be ON for the coming day but one week after I selected *decline* for the event invitation. *my parent wasn't allow me to join stranger. I know I must be REGRETFUL after all of it. =(

Well, sometimes people need for food hunt to complete their life. So,do I ;-)
A friend, Lun and I manage to get dessert lately. 

RT Pastry House @ Taman Danau Desa

I ordered chocolate cake,and he had green tea flavor.

The chocolate taste really good as some brownie on top of it. Green tea cake having 3 layers,which is cheese & creams. You can taste green tea flavor all over your mouth after you have it. ^^

P.S: We don't choose cheese cake bcause I don't eat cheese. Ya,I love cake but I don't like cheese,weird thought.. xoxoxo

Till then, lets go for another cake I had.
Alexis @ The Garden

Bought two cakes for my boss' house warming dessert. I've chosen Alexis neither Secret Recipe.Just of the drooling feel brings me to come over.  *droolll....

Tiramitsu & Pavlova are the signature cakes in Alexis.

Its an Ice-cream cake.Just taken out from the fridge few minutes and it started to melt.
A strawberry-alike-creme on the cake is just fabulous!

Well,I didn't manage to take a picture for Pavlova cake. Just google it! =P
A fruitful yet delicious cake I ever had. The good taste are just too good to undescribe-able.

The next time I come over to Alexis to have brownie. *oh my favourite....

The choco flavor aren't like the normal one you had from others,
Just come over to have a try,you must have some idea on it !!

Have a good day =D